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BAT 045 for Bosch 32612 Equivalent Battery

SKU #: 510180
Product #: POTLBH011

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Product Name:  
BAT 045 for Bosch 32612 Equivalent Battery

Product Maker:   Generic
Product Model:   BAT045
Alternative Product Models:   2 607 335 249, 2 607 335 709, BAT 043, BAT 045
Device Model:   Bosch 32612
Alternative Device Models:   Bosch 32612, Bosch 3360, Bosch 3360K, Bosch 3455, Bosch 3455-01, Bosch Exact 12, Bosch Exact 700, Bosch Exact 8, Bosch GLI 12V, Bosch GSB 12 VE-2, Bosch GSR 12 VE-2, Bosch GSR 12-1, Bosch GSR 12V, Bosch PSR 12, Bosch PSR 1200, Bosch PSR 12V, Bosch PSR 12VE-2
Cell Type:   Ni-Cd
Capacity(mAh):   N/A
Voltage:   N/A
Watt:   N/A
Ampere:   N/A
Color:   Black
Dimension:   N/A